Empower Teens through Technology

CfAL is proud to offer Technology & Computer Training for Youth, specifically designed to support youth express themselves safely online through technology projects.  We like to consider these classes, "Tech4Teens"!

Tech4Teens participants can choose to learn:

  • Website development,

  • Video, audio, and photo editing, 

  • Computer troubleshooting/refurbishment,

  • Coding and introduction to robotics!

Year-round, this program is run in partnership with the Boy's and Girl's Club, and New Haven Public Library.  During the academic school year, classes are run at multiple locations. Each participant has a blog set up for them to customize and publish their coding, audio, video projects and more!

During the summer, the program transitions to a "camp", meeting three to five days per week.  We run drop in tech clubs at all of our locations as well as a refurbishment program where teens can get community service hours learning to refurbish computers, and recieving a free computer at the end of the program

Technology & Computer Training Program

CfAL's Technology & Computer Training program provides FREE basic computer instruction.  Participants learn how to create a resume in Microsoft Word, a household budget in Microsoft Excel, a basic presentation in PowerPoint, and how to operate virus and spyware software. 

Program benefits include building job skills from typing and learning Microsoft programs to basic budgeting and computer maintenance.  Parents are also able to extend learning beyond the classroom, and increase involvement in children’s education at home.  This program works to eliminate the technology gap for disadvantaged families.

Participants who complete the entire program AND do not have a working computer in the home also receive a FREE refurbished computer and technical support for one-year. Refurbished computers are only availble to New Haven residents and New Haven Public School familes. 

Let's Close the Gap Together!


From volunteering to joining our board or making a donation, you can join us!   


With you, we can close the technology gap and help families expand learning to their home.

Support of all types and sizes make a HUGE difference!

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