Our Mission

To increase the knowledge and use of technology of youth and adults preparing them for success, in both school and career, and in a constantly changing digital society.

Our Vision

Our vision is that ALL households should have access to the technology that will help them succeed in school and career.

Having a computer and technology in the home for school and work is a necessity – not a luxury.  CfAL’s work to close the technology gap for New Haven students and families by providing:

  1.  basic computer training for parents and adults,

  2.  free computers to families that do not have a working computer    at home, and

  3.  programs that further digital learning.


We close digital literacy gaps that help close opportunity gaps.

About Us 

With a mission to increase the knowledge and use of technology of youth and adults preparing them for success, in both school and career, and in a constantly changing digital society, the core of Concept for Adaptive Learning’s (CfAL) work is to close the digital literacy gap for those we serve.  


CfAL’s Technology & Computer Training (TCT) program provides technology training and resources to low-income residents, helping them build computer skills needed to be competitive in the workforce, as well as providing free refurbished computers to those that complete the program.  CfAL’s TCT has supported over 4,750 families across Connecticut to gain computers skills needed in the workplace.   In fact, during the past 18 months, participant surveys showed that 42.55% of participants improved employment status, which in turn helped improve their financial and economic status.  Another 23.4% of participants reported that the CfAL Technology & Computer Training program helped retain employment. 

With 20 years of experience, CfAL than leads free technology education programs and workshops that close the digital learning gap for youth and adults.  More just receiving a free computer, CfAL provides the knowledge needed to use the computer to empower youth and adults to be successful in an everchanging digital society. 


Serving the Greater New Haven area, participant surveys reveal that over 60% live at or below poverty, 91% of those served identify as a minority population (e.g. Black, LatinoX, Asian, etc.), and 73% participants are between the ages of 18 and 44.  To accomplish CfAL’s mission, CfAL’s Technology & Computer Training (TCT) Program for Adults focuses on job skill development (e.g. create resumes, convert resumes to PDFs, search for jobs online, etc.); while the Technology & Computer Program for Youth (Tech4Teens) emphasizes how to safely express themselves online developing website, videos, podcasts and coding projects.  CfAL also offers 30-minute workshops, Tech Talks, that introduce a variety of technology applications.  Past Tech Talk topics include Understanding the Impact of Technology on Child Development, Navigating Google Classroom: What Parents Need To – and Don’t Need to Know, and Virtual Stranger Danger: Importance of Talking with Children About Online Activity.


Interested in joining us?

CfAL is looking for professionals and community members who want to help close the digital learning gap.  

Board Member and year-round volunteer positions are available!   

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