Technology & Computer Training Program

CfAL's Technology & Computer Training program provides FREE basic computer instruction.  Participants learn how to create a resume, a household budget, how to PDF documents, safely apply for jobs online, and how to operate virus and spyware software.  All training is FREE.  Lessons are available online and/or in-person.* 

Program benefits include building job skills from typing and learning Microsoft programs to basic budgeting and computer maintenance.  Parents are also able to extend learning beyond the classroom, and increase involvement in children’s education at home.  This program works to eliminate the technology gap.

No computer?  NO PROBLEM!

Participants who do NOT have a working home computer can register for the Introduction to Computer Literacy program, and may be eligible to receive a FREE refurbished computer and technical support for one-year.  Eligibility restrictions apply.  Participants must complete the program, including 10.5 hours of computer training.  Refurbished computers are only available to residents in the Greater New Haven Area and New Haven Public School families. 

Interested in intermediate and advanced classes ?  Classes are offered weekly.  Register for your next class today!

* Participants receive a refurbished computer.  See notes below for Level 2 classes.        

Focusing at Work

Intermediate & Advanced In-Person Classes

Looking for a bit more instruction?  Join us for 1-hour classes during the week to continue developing your Technology & Computer Training!  Classes are always FREE and offered during the week.


Please note that locations vary.  Classes are offered at our three locations:

Wednesdays @ Boys & Girls Club (253 Columbus Avenue, New Haven, CT)

Thursdays @ New Haven Free Public Library/Ives Branch (133 Elm Street, New Haven CT)

Fridays @ Literacy Resource Center (5 Science Park, Suite 2c, New Haven, CT)

Click "Register" to see locations and dates of each class.

Canva: Create Flyers, Menus, and More!

Use Canva to make it your own. Adding in pictures and text, all formatted to make your menu or schedule look exactly how you want it to. Browse from preset templates, but edit it to put those personal touches in.


Indeed: Job Hunting on Indeed

Job hunting, resume building and skill assessments are some of the ways you can utilize Indeed while searching for a job. Indeed has a lot to offer job hunters! Join us to learn the ropes of Indeed and get an edge on the job hunting game.


MS ExcelFormulas, Functions, Sorting

Excel is powerful and can save you a lot of time. Sort through exhaustive lists of figures, order your data, sum up your totals, whatever your need, make excel take some of the weight off you.


MS Excel: Pie Charts, Bar Charts, & Pivot Charts 

Data analysis! Take your data (financial figures, measurements, data for a school project!) and make it easy to read by putting it in a chart! We will cover bar graphs, line graphs, pie charts, and pivot charts! Bring your friends!


MS Word: Adjusting Page Layouts
(Headers/Footers, Margins, Columns, etc.)

Have your document look the way you want! Adjust margins, add text in columns, change the orientation, add headers, footers and page numbers to make it easier to read. Join us to learn tips and tricks for Microsoft Word.


MS Word: Creating Professional Cover Letters

Learn how to use microsoft word to make a professional cover letter. We will cover what you will need to know in Word to format your cover letter, as well as the general content that should go into the letter to make it appeal to potential employers.


MS Word/Excel: Introduction to Mail Merge

Christmas cards? Thank you notes? Wedding invitations? Any time you need to send out personalized versions of the same message, mail merge in Microsoft Word is here to help you, and we at CfAL are here to help you learn to use it.