Henry E. Niles Foundation Grant Award

Updated: Apr 30, 2020

We are pleased to let you know CfAL has been awarded a $2,500 grant by the Henry E. Niles Foundation.

The Henry E. Niles Foundation and CfAL share a mutual goal and that is to strengthen the education of students in need. With funding support from the Henry E. Niles Foundation, motivated students will have increased opportunity for a quality education.

Grant funds will be used to sustain CfAL's Technology Cascade & Training (TC&T) program, also know as our parent computer program.

The TC&T program was designed to close the technology gap for low income students living in the poorest neighborhoods of New Haven.

With the technology tsunami sweeping across education, the use of computers in schools is accelerating for classwork and homework. But, can you imagine life in 2019 without a computer?

People assume every student has a computer at home to do their homework. Yet, more than 37% of low-income families do not have a working computer in the home. These students who do not have access to computers at home are at a distinct disadvantage, making it much more difficult to compete and succeed in school and in life!

The TC&T program extends learning beyond the classroom and increases New Haven’s disadvantaged parents' participation in their children's education at home.

Through this grant and financial support from other partners, CfAL will give computer training to 200 New Haven parents, and upon completing training, these parents will be given a gently-used computer, which we will install in their home, along with a year of technical support.

Thank you to the Henry E. Niles Foundation for investing in the education of  students attending New Haven Public Schools.


CfAL Board of Directors

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