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CfAL is teaming up wtih Rain of Hope & Southern Connecticut State University's Education Majors to offer FREE youth programs online!

Tech Break, Jr. is designed for remote and distant learners in grades 1st through 5th, breaking up the afternoon with some fun and games! All games and activities are led by SCSU's education majors, and incorporate Rain of Hope activities to promote social, emotional and leadership skills. Youth engage in games such as Mad Libs, 5-Minute Mystery, Zoom Memory and more...while also exploring mindfulness and connecting with peers.

Many caregivers, teachers and adults worry about how youth are impacted by the pandemic and distance learning - from lack of in-person time with friends to increased screen time. And the concern is valid. Screen time use was already a concern prior to the pandemic - and now the time youth are required to be on screens has greatly increased. The key question is how youth are using screen time - and the impact this time has on them.

That's where a "Tech Break" comes in. Tech Break, Jr. is a program that, while technically completed through Zoom, has youth completing activites that can be done ONLY by interacting with each other. Parterning with Rain of Hope, the program promotes social and emotional, and leadership skills. For example, students learn to effectively communicate and collaborate to solve 5-Minute Mystery games, as well as learn basic yoga and deep breathing techniques to learn mindful and meditation practices.

Meanwhile, students completing their education degree at Southern Connecticut State University's School of Education lead the activities as part of their fieldwork assignment, providing SCSU students with an opportunity to learn how to safely engage students online.

So, does this program technically involve screens? Well, yes. However, Tech Break, Jr. serves as a great reminder to youth that technology is not only for learning and playing video games - it's also for connecting with peers and building friendships.

Want to register your child(ren)? Caregivers MUST register youth. Once registered, youth are welcome to attend as often as they like! Click "Youth Registration" to register or call 203.691.1078.

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