Commitmentment to Diversity, Equity & Inclusion in Technology Education

The Silenced Voice of George Floyd Speaks Out!  Seeing his death lit a fire in the hearts of millions from multiple races, recognizing injustice and coming together to say, "Enough, This must end, now." The voices and actions sweeping across the country are calling for improved race relations and police reform.​ It is time for change.​

We agree. Concepts for Adaptive Learning has a responsibility to use our position to ensure people of color and all human beings have access to technology – and that technology is access to opportunity. Access to technology and computer training is more than just having a home computer and knowing how to use it. It is access to expanded learning opportunities, increased computer knowledge and job skills development, and the ability to access employment opportunities online.

Discrimination and racism must stop. It has taken Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, George Floyd, and too many more, to lose their lives to reveal how systematic racism is seeded throughout our political, criminal and education systems.  Racism and violence towards people of color is not new – it is crafted and preserved within our systems.  Working together, we must breakdown and replace these systems to ensure that our actions, as community members, political leaders, teachers and more, are rooted in diversity, equity and inclusion. 

​Racism and violence towards people of color continues to be a sickness that plagues our country. We cannot heal if we do not address the systems promoting the sickness. As a community member, we support improving race relations and police reform.

The core of our work, to improve the technology education of children and adults and close the technology gap for those we serve, recognizes that those living in the poorest neighborhoods are surrounded by racial inequality, violence and oppression.

CfAL is committed to increasing access to technology and training for all to ensure that diversity, equity and inclusion remains at the core of our work, treating everyone with dignity, respect and kindness. Now is the time for change!​​

Concepts for Adaptive Learning's, founded in 2001, mission is to increase the knowledge and use of technology of urban families, preparing them for success in a constantly changing digital society.