LIVE Classes, Workshops &

Online Learning

Looking for FREE computer training?  We understand that everyone learns differently, and offer programs and training in different formats:

  1. Instructor-Led Classes : 4 day, in-person program for adults to learn basic computer use including introductions to Word, Excel, and Canva.

  2. Mini-Workshops: 30-minute live and pre-recorded "Tech Talks" highlight tips and tricks on various technology programs.

  3. Hands-On LIVE Assistance (HOLA!): Schedule a 30-minutes of one-to-one technical support session.

  4. Drop-In Tech Tutoring: From 9-11 every Wednesday at 5 Science Park. Come with whatever questions you have! Our instructors are there to help.

  5. Learn proper typing form, or just get some good practice in with games and lessons.

  6. Tech-4-Teens: Partnered with Boys and Girls club, youth are taught coding, robotics, photo editing and more.

Choose the style of learning that works for you! 

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Instructor Led Classes: TCT Program

Have a lot to learn? Want to brush up on some of your skills? The TCT program is a 4 day in-person introductory program. Over the course of 4 days, you'll learn how to navigate your computer, the basics of Word and Excel, budgeting and job hunting, Google Drive and more!

NOTE: Classes are FREE and offered in different locations.  Please note the location of the class you wish to attend.


Tech Talks

Short for time, but interested in learning about different technology programs?  Check out our mini-workshops, Tech Talks!  

Talk Talks are limited to 30 minutes, covering highlights, tips and tricks for a variety of programs.


Remote Learning



Hands-On LIVE Assistance (HOLA)

Need a little extra help tacking a technology challenge? 

CfAL's Hands-On LIVE Assistance (HOLA) is here to help!


Using Zoom, CfAL offers FREE one-to-one technical support with a computer specialist to teach you new skills - and answer direct questions!

HOLA support can help address basic technical support from networking and display issues to formatting documents and creating PDFs. 

NOTE: HOLA support will NOT fix errors caused by viruses or wifi issues.  Wifi issues should be reported to your internet service provider. 

Virtual Conference

Reserve a time for support through HOLA.


Drop in Tech Tutoring

From 9-11AM every Wednesday, come and get whatever help you need from our instructors.

Resumes, typing, budgets, Canva, anything you need, we are here to help.

Join us at 5 Science Park, Suite 2C

New Haven, CT


Free Typing Lessons
Offered through

As students move to distance learning, typing skills can help save time in completing writing assignments. combines lessons with fun typing games that are entertaining for children AND adults! also offers lessons in internet safety. 


CfAL's Staff Top Picks:

Keyboard Jump:

In addition to great typing lessons, Keyboard Jump is a fun game to practice typing skills.  Be warned...this game is as entertaining for adults as it is children!

keyboard jump.jpg


Empower Teens through Technology

CfAL is proud to offer Technology & Computer Training for Youth, specifically designed to support youth express themselves safely online through technology projects.  We like to consider these classes, "Tech4Teens"!

Tech4Teens participants can choose to learn:

  • Website development,

  • Video, audio, and photo editing, 

  • Computer troubleshooting/refurbishment,

  • Coding and introduction to robotics!

Year-round, this program is run in partnership with the Boy's and Girl's Club, and New Haven Public Library.  During the academic school year, classes are run at multiple locations. Each participant has a blog set up for them to customize and publish their coding, audio, video projects and more!

During the summer, the program transitions to a "camp", meeting three to five days per week.  We run drop in tech clubs at all of our locations as well as a refurbishment program where teens can get community service hours learning to refurbish computers, and recieving a free computer at the end of the program