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In light of COVID-19, your financial support is needed more than ever!  As schools move to distant learning, urban districts are still struggling to meet students' needs.  Meanwhile, unemployment continues to rise - adults and parents need technology support to building meaningful skills that will help re-enter the workforce.

With your help, financial support will expand our reach to more families.

Financial contributions provide training and technology resources to more families.  Donations help school children access distance learning, while adults benefit from building computer skills used in the workplace. 

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Your Support Matters

According to the National Center for Academic Statistics, Connecticut has the largest achievement gaps in the country. 


Across all subjects and grades, low-income students consistently perform nearly three grade levels behind non-low income peers. Moreover, the National Assessment of Adult Literacy reports that 2 in 5 adults in Greater New Haven have only basic or below basic prose literacy skills.  In light of the COVID -19 crisis, the education gap will greatly increase as low-income families lack the means to access distance learning and expanded educational opportunities.